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seventeen members fandom name

seventeen members fandom name

That is actually the first day of Sagittarius, but he could be a Scorpio too (depending on the exact time of his birth) He was in the 8th grade. Virgo: 0 Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual Wonwoo Instagram: @sound_of_coups She’s referring at the voting results. I’m pretty sure Vernon isn’t the face of the group. 3. – He likes Korean food, especially stews and chicken. . You guys are always bashing on wonwoo go look at mingyu also That’s why when he goes to America he feel like a foreigner there and gets lost sometimes. someone just confessed they come to vote for Mingyu and I’m sure other members also have fans who return to vote for their bias. Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! Unless you’re the main vocalist, who gets a lot of lines because of high notes or adlibs In terms of skill, even though all of their rap styles are a bit different, Seungcheol and Vernon are the better rappers in the rap unit. ._. Feel free to comment below. – he was introduced to michael jackson when he died. Thank you for the info! but i dont think he doesnt get much lines in songs… i mean the line distributions arent fair at all but he actually gets lots of lines xx, theres no center in seventeen! Check this video: Its kind of like Jungkooks name as well. Thank you! Quiz: Do You Know Which Member Sings First In These Songs By SEVENTEEN? So Tiffany's fandom name is officially Young One! They had a comeback on 20th december, I recently just became a fan of Seventeen a few days ago because of their ‘Getting Closer’ MV and the one who snatched me was Wonwoo , Uhmmm… there’s some kind of typo on Joshua… . Below you can find What's new? – He doesn’t like cucumbers. Thank you for the suggestion, but it’s better if you make the request here: because we usually take those requests first, since it’s easier to keep the track of them that way. Vernon’s surname is 최, which reads as Chwe, not Choi. – The8’s stomach aches when he eats too much cold foods so he doesn’t really eat ice cream. Seungkwan’s Spotify list: DJ BOO, Seungkwan Facts: this made me laugh. Korean Name: Moon Jun Hwi (문준휘) , @disqus_jnzgDRFkI5:disqus The string of concerts began in South Korea on July 30 and 31, for which 13,000 tickets were sold an ended in Australia in August 30. Suggestions, About Us , also i’m confused on how Mingyu and Th8 share a room, but Mingyu, S.Coups, Jeonghan and Woozi share a room, BooSeokSoon debuted today and DK is the leader. Anywhere I go there has to be drama, some kids these days………….. actually each person has their biases. When we can see him wear glasses, it’s his natural glasses – His favorite season is Summer. Many fandoms have their own names that distinguish them from other fan communities. – Wonwoo believes that Seungkwan’s voice suits balads was released on May 16. So he is a Sagittarius and not a Scorpio , Woozi’s zodiac sign is actually Sagittarius and not Scorpio. Seventeen is a South Korea boy group formed by PLEDIS Entertainment that debuted on May 26, 2015 with thirteen members who are separated into three sub-units, each with different areas of specialization: a ‘Hip-Hop Unit‘, ‘Vocal Unit‘, and ‘Performance Unit‘. – He has a younger sister. Here is his picture, @btsstanner:disqus SEVENTEEN wait, so it’s ok to say ‘jun looks like heechul’ but not ‘woozi looks like suga’? Vernon is sick then he is now in hiatus? Thanks a lot for the heads up, it has been corrected! I might be one of the persons you talk about cause I come to vote for Mingyu , FOR THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING WHY WONWOO IS GROWING SO FAST Ok, thanks for the suggestion! The8 recently got an Instagram account, the username is @xuminghao_o, The8 created an Instagram acc and the un is @xuminghao_o, The8 has an official instagram account now and so does Mingyu, The8’s username is @xuminghao_o and Mingyu’s username is @min9yu_k, Mingyu created an official instagram account, @min9yu_k, @sowonella:disqus, his name isn’t lee jungchan, it’s lee chan, he’s listed and credited everywhere as lee chan, and wouldnt have introduced himself as “chan” when they were trainees if that wasn’t his real name, he only ever said that fans call him lee jung chan, for whatever reason, not that its his real name, he only ever said that fans call him lee jung chan, not that its his real name. The album also tops pre-order sales charts in Japan’s Tower Record and HMV with both versions of their album, even though the group has not officially debuted or promoted in the Japan .The title song, "Pretty U" is described as a bright, energetic pop tune with the melody having a 1980's throwback feel. Well, in a way they are members they just aren’t official! – He says he remembers all the members birthdays. it just comparison with other idols he was standing beside who are 187 cm, he’s several cm taller so i assumer around 192-193 . – If he had the opportunity, he would like to date someone older than him. – He ranks himself the third best visual in the group (after Vernon and Mingyu). May 26, 2015 Thank you! By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Personal Info. He Also Stated When He And Jun had A Conversation that He’s Afraid To Grow Taller Because Their CEO said That He Cant Be in Seventeen Anymore if he Grows too tall. Only this article from Soompi, OMO! By the way, Dino likes Hoshi so much because Hoshi threat them well, Pretty sure it’s Wonwoo. Representative Emoticon: Their fandom color is Rose Quartz& Serenity A total 10 fans were chosen, 9 female and 1 male. •DK – 179 cm 66 kg On August 31, the group revealed a new image through their social media accounts that looks like a cellphone display that has SEVENTEEN as its wallpaper with the time and date in the cellphone display at 12:00 at Tuesday, September 10 announcing their comeback. I must point out, however that I can not believe that DK would only have 4% on bias. Vernon is close with PENTAGON’s Kino. – He was born in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. – Hoshi said that they all often play soccer together and S.Coups has magnificent form Not sure though) and he used to always try to impress her although he never got the chance to confess or see her again after becoming a trainee. Deduct the 3K from his total of votes and his votes are fine. Real Name: He Xin Long (Erika)’ @disqus_St0IzxkZEy:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! Birth Name: Yoon Jeong Han (윤정한) The song was critically acclaimed charting high with various reviews noting as a group to watch in 2015. Dino mentioned in their LieV ( around 1:20:00 ) that he listens to and enjoys ASMR! 2. Kprofile said it themselves Blood Type: B The fandom is likened to that, meaning that the more members bear the name (of Carat) the more Seventeen’s value will increase. in this article, he explained that, in a family tree, his name is written as “lee joong chan” but that his real name is actually lee chan WHAT'S NEW? Wonwoo Carat Thank you for the help, it has been corrected and we gave you credits in the post! Vernon and Mingyu are both part of the visual line, but the main Visual is still Mingyu, his name is Choi On December 4, the digital single was released and was described as having a trendy melody and simple lyrics. How did it change so rapidly? It clearly says mingyu is the face of the group which usually means center. Was replaced by Vernon, became on the third spot and replaced by Woozi. – He received the nickname ‘Twix’ because he had a lot of Twix in their practice room. *Not exactly 3K votes but a little more than that, It’s not cheating but it’s more lf an able to vote quick, SO HALF OF WONWOO’S VOTES ARE FAKE – His hobbies are reading, sleeping, eating, singing, playing the guitar, and watching movies., during a fan sign, Wonwoo said that the member he is closest to is Hoshi. (ONE FINE DAY in Japan), If S.Coups was a girl, and would have to pick someone in SVT to date, He would pick himself because he said that he’s good looking (One Fine Day), Thanks, we gave you credits in his individual profile! I believe that Jun and The8 are vocalists, not sub-vocalists. 4. We gave you credits in the post! He was literally below Josh, and now he is #1 and literally gained 30,000 votes in no time at all? @andreatiposotwhlk:disqus Updated Group Photo: NO IT’S NOT A HACK YOU CAN VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES Both stage name and birth name for the Seventeen members have been added in hangul as well! B.A.P’s Himchan is close with Woozi and Wonwoo. It was held on May 11th, 2013 in the SEVENTEEN practice room. It can help new fans find more info about them. guys help me. by NoJamKookies Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . – Vernon’s ideal type is someone his heart can connect with. – He was a child actor in China. If that’s not actually how is it though then yeah but It was clearly explained his mother just did that to help with mispronounceation. , @akiyuuki:disqus INTERNATIONALLY: As for the visuals, we couldn’t disagree that they’re all visuals but, Mingyu and Wonwoo’s visuals stands out the most (although Joshua, Jeonghan & Jun could be considered as visuals too, but their looks are really too soft, as for Vernon, he is handsome, but has a variety of postures only, although he’s really good looking). – His favorite food is Jjajangmyun (Black Bean Noodles) & Spicy Ramyun Noodles mixed together. Jungkook said it on Show Champion behind the scenes. Wunwoo: 1.82m Named for the sum of 13 members + the 3 subunits into which they divide (hip-hop, vocal, and performance) + the 1 team they make up, SEVENTEEN is the sole Korean act besides BTS to sell 1 million copies of an album (Heng:garæ, June 2020) in the first week after its release. Nationality: Korean-American The current votes are purely the result of fan voting. Poll: What was your favorite 2020 MAMA performance?      Rose Quartz     Serenity Stage Name: Joshua (조슈아) – Joshua’s ideal type is someone who is kind. . @disqus_X95ZZ1U6zu:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Jun Thank you! Vernon isn’t a offical visual, also the members usually list him as second but not an offical visual. Is someone using bots for Wonwoo? Yes, you’re right! For example, The8 and Woozi. [2], On July 21, a statement was released stating that Seungkwan would be temporarily stopping his activities to focus on his recovery following an ankle surgery. Hoshi is one of those members who just everyone adores, but he’s been extremely close with Wonwoo, Mingyu, and DK since predebut for so long. NCT has decided on their official fandom name!. TIFFANY'S FANDOM NAME IS SO CUTE — val HYOYEON DAY! I found on internet a few days ago some facts about Seventeens siblings … S.Coups brother is 2 years older than him , Hoshi has a sister 1 year older than him and Wonwoos brother was born in 1998 . I thought Woozi was the composer for their songs… am I wrong? – He views himself as being very calm, serious, and careful. Age. All the members largely created the album, writing or co-writing every track, and composing or co-composing almost every track., Seventeen recent comeback!! Zodiac Sign: Gemini I love that Wonwoo has become so popular lately. Go LISTEN, Thank you for the updates guys! They are a Chinese boy group under JYP Entertainment and they are very young but so talented <3 Thank youuuu. Please update the pictures. Sad si had to unstan them. If we know the exact time of his birth, we can know for sure, but technically he’s a Sagittarius. 2. Blood Type: A *___________________________*,, Sorry I have something really important to say about seungkwan . On November 21 at midnight KST, the group changed their Twitter profile picture and header and posted a new album concept photo. MBTI: INFP Idk but one of them looks alot like him. , Ayyye we have the same birthday!! Real Name. his votes increase with about 1k daily lately, please do the math as well…. 2PM: Hottest. , Woozi has my birthday too but I’m born in 2005, S.coups, Wozzi and Hoshi are in a new sub-unit called ‘SVT Leaders’, @kpoopersunite:disqus And now Wowoo is 3rd and DK is 2nd to last. Anyway both versions are correct! -when one of the members are feeling upset, he mimics voices of people, like their CEO, to make them laugh 19. That is not being unfair, Wonwoo I like Mingyu too but Wonwoo is <3. 2. Also as Height: 178 cm (5’10”) . – He became a trainee in 2012. Blood Type: A please, please replay me ~~, @itzjerebear3:disqus , Hellow CARATS! , @disqus_gxHxr9lQrN:disqus , no, that’s his stage name, his real name is Lee Seokmin, nope! !1 But im not complaining cuz DK is my bias and WONWOO and Jeonghan are my other two. And it is Jeonghan, not Junghan, because ‘어’ stands for ‘eo’ not ‘u’, because that would also be ‘우’, I’m sorry, but when the Korean names are romanized, more versions are allowed ex: Musical Actor Kim Sung Cheol (김성철) is generally romanized as Sunch Cheol and the hangul is 성철 – Woozi can’t really express his emotions but when he writes music, he can be himself. He is on the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius but if you look up his birth date (November 22 1996) then you will find a site called and there you will see what zodiac sign he was born in after you put in date and year and it says Sagittarius. Who is Hoshi’s best friend in Seventeen? on the Zodiac sites it’s even recommended for the people who are born in that day when reading the horoscope to read both zodiac signs, It should be ‘thought to teach him how to dance’ in Dino’s facts, minghao is now 178cm and 58kg. O___o, I am born on the 22/11 too but i dont know which one I am, I think its Chwe Hansol not Choi, if i didn’t wrong, he said that in SVTclub too, hehe, He just wrote it as “Chwe” cause that how his mother spell it to avoid mispronunciations. The FOTGs are Mingyu and Seungkwan. Show more Jeonghan fun facts…, Joshua I just recently read that Hoshi has a younger sibling which I haven’t really seen or heard anything about but I remember on one of V live episode where he, Seungkwan and Dokyeom were together, his father called him during live and I thought I heard he called Hoshi ‘hyung’. – When he is sad or stressed, he reads. Can you name the Name The Seventeen Members?, he’s also my bias. Woozi is the most teased member of the group xD Because of his height, should’nt s.coups real name in hangul is 최승철. Seventeen is a Korean boy band consisting of 13 members. Sub-Unit: Vocal Team It is similar, but the character for ‘oo’ and ‘u’ in Korean is two different characters. Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? on that day the Sun transited from Scorpio to Sagittarius, so the person can have traits from both zodiacs, so being a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp means he has traits from both signs, it’s not a big deal at all But I’ll double check! mingyu made a cameo on the thai sitcom ‘Luang-ta Maha-chon.’ as himself, Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan are debuting on March 21st in a new SVT sub-unit called BSS or BooSeokSoon, They will have a new unit. Both of them have sung in some of their songs. Dk: 1.79m – Jun’s role models are Zhoumi and Henry because he wants to receive a lot of love from china and korea like them. 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. He only mentioned mom dad and elder sister in Teen Age thanks to. *waddles around like a happy duckling* :3, I honestly think it’s easier for new fans (like me) to know them better. New (unspecified) Floor – Jun, Dokyeom, Vernon, Dino (all solo rooms), Seventeen Official Accounts: Nationality: Korean (also add sub-vocalist too dino and the rest of the hip hop unit . In this analogy, SEVENTEEN's diamons are Carat - their fans - who help them shine. His mother texted Jeonghan and thought she was texting Jeonghan’s sibling Jeonghwan, (you can’t possibly misspelled Jeonghwan and Jeonghan in Hangul cause 와 and 아 are far from each other in keyboard), Hoshi’s Nickname is 10:10 because his eyes are the the same angles of ten minute ten hour on a clock. Dino also made a choreography for their song “Flower” I want to add something about Vernon tho hehe He said in an interview that he was born in USA but when he was 5 his family went to Korea and stayed there. Pls pls give him love he deserve the whole world. Stage Name: Woozi (우지) In Other Words, Shikshin/Eating Machine lmao. I was lowkey expecting Minghao to be the most popular one. The character is the name Hangul character but the roman spelling should be Chwe??? Members Woozi helped to write and produce all of the tracks on the mini album, while Hoshi created the choreography for the pre-release “Shining Diamond” and the title track “Adore U". Mingyu used to play bass in a high school band. , Yes, that is already added to their individual profiles. Show more S.Coups fun facts…, Jeonghan ’97 line). You can also take a look at our Facebook site. Thank you for becoming a member. 3rd’ See also: His KProfile and Carat Wiki Page Choi Seung Cheol (born August 8, 1995), better known by his stage name S.Coups, is a South Korean singer-songwriter. – Jeonghan’s favourite food is pasta. , @disqus_BBwbAyPyle:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! The group release their third full-length album An Ode on September 16. – The8 wants to be Vernon for a day because he’s handsome. hoshi is the younger silbling so no, he does not have a younger sibling. Just shout “Hoshi fighting!! – He is a big SHINee fan. It’s Choi not Chwe – his name is written 최 – the same way as it’s written Choi Seung Cheol’s name Their Pre- debut was on May,2015. a lot of people are only recognizing him because he look like Suga and not because of his hardwork, and it saddens as carats about it, as much as Jun gets recognition for being a Heechul lookalike, Woozi didn’t, instead non carats only know him because he looks like Woozi. Oh Yeah Thats A Fact. Back in February, SM Entertainment asked fans to send in suggestions for NCT's official fandom name. , ooooooo Minghao is climbing up the poll <3 getting the love he deserves, Hoshi is a Taurus, The zodiac signs have changed, Wait! her in the philippines their is a lola who love seventeen her bias is mingyu we called her grandma carat, I honestly came here as a new fan who didn’t know anything about svt and wanted to know more about DK since he caught my attention in their new mv Thanks. Thanks a lot for the update! Mingyu: No.. Our CEO said that I can’t be in Seventeen anymore if I grow any taller.. Show more Vernon fun facts…, Dino In case some of you guys never caught the mistake, Dino has been to another country. Nationality: Korean-American – He is good at martial arts. but his sister, Pledis and he himself write it as Chwe…,,, Soonyoung(Hoshi) was originally going to be a vocalist. Probably because Pledis had to use his birth name as when you’re born in America and have an Asian name, you usually don’t get it changed. wonwoo and the8 was nominated. Pledis invited fans of SEVENTEEN to apply to take part in 17tv and the first SEVENTEEN Show before the beginning of SEVENTEEN TV Season 2. Libra: 1: Jeonghan – dino says coming up with choreography is hard because it’s different from writing and composing and that you have to move your body. On June 25, the group announced their comeback with the repackaged album Love & Letter with various several old school-inspired images and captions. Facebook: seventeennews new comeback, During Vlive, Wonwoo said that he has a bad-vision. There are many popular K-Pop groups these days, so much so that each fandom has their own names. , my bias is DK but I love them all. Is someone getting bots to vote for wonwoo? Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. The8 weibo: xuminghao_The8, Woozi’s Zodiac Sign is Scorpio~Not Sagittarius OAO, Aaaaagh my baby Minghao gained an extra 2 pounds I’m so proud of him~ TT_TT The album, like all of their previous albums, had every member had a hand in this, though Woozi wrote few all by his lonesome and included diverse genres and emotional songs. Birth Date: August 28th 2006 So for Jihoon it’s “훈” so it’s literally romanized into “hun” when it can also be romanized into “hoon”. , @SeokjinYugyeomChanyeolKihyun:disqus {3 SVT OT13 [3. He uses Kakao Taxi Black. [Show Champion 180321], @sehutyehet:disqus 2AM(투에이엠) is afour-member boy group. They are born in the same year and you can see how much they care for each other the most. -before “BOOM BOOM” he lost 7kg, stating that he “didn’t want to lose weight but wanted to show his nice look as a singer” – He likes fashion a lot. Height: 182 cm (6’0″) congrats for winning Best Star Award at Asia Star Awards 2016 and it was CARAT The mini-album was available in two different versions titled “Hide” and “Seek.” with the group portraying a day and night hide-and-seek concept. every comeback there is different center . Joshua How many sub units are you going to make to make us all suffer , I always think Joshua is a bit more taller than Hoshi until now…, He is 4ft taller it’s not like it’s 10 ft or something. DK’s favorite food is 된장찌개 Doenjang Jiggae (which sounds like Wenchang Chicken so I understand the confusion haha) which is a Korean soybean paste stew dish, @RiaNoona:disqus That’s hard to answer. – He was born in Hwaseong, South Korea. 5. Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) Representative Emoticon: – He became a trainee in 2011. These names are popular with singers, music bands, films, television shows, books, games, sports teams, and celebrities.Some of the terms are coined by fans while others are created by celebrities themselves. srry abt tht, Me and Woozi are the same height, weight and blood type lmao, @eemannadeem:disqus There are various reasons in which the idol members get a different name to promote with, but their stage name … – Wonwoo’s ideal type is someone who suits him well. , @disqus_XnUfqZeJ9e:disqus (Example link: ) Thanks for pointing that out! /, whoa~ i didn’t know that seokmin is older than mingyu. 2010: scoups And the bias ranking is unfair – they’re ALL #1. Birthday: February 18, 1997 . Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Poll: Which is your favorite Seventeen ship? – Dino was voted the best at Japanese I like jun so much he’s number one in my heart and the rest are second,i cant choose between the twelve cz i love them all, no one means “no one vote for him” but look seungkwan got 8200 votes like duhhh?Many carats loves him, mingyu starred in a thai sitcom, which was ‘our mamuang’, *correction to my prev. Hi! It has been added to his individual profile, thanks! – Seungkwan and DK tied for the best singer And scoups said that they are living in 2 roofs which means members are separated by two groups, I think two roof means two apartment so meaning that in one apartment they rooms in there so the members are separated, @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus @disqus_Qhg2jBwZAm:disqus Am I outdated or what. – The8 said voted the same because Mingyu is tall and good looking And was released on the 16th of July, 6pm KST, I think in the Photo book of Al1 there is a picture of him with the tattoo. Members I saw someone mention the group chat that the 97′ liner has but not sure if you put that in their info. stop the carrot jokes immediately im having war flashbacks of the 1d fandom from 2011. we have the top 3 (in the votes) Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. , @thesmolpeach:disqus hoshi is a rapper, he rapped in change up and in some other songs, Vernon baby grew up a lot in the last year. High quality Seventeen Kpop gifts and merchandise. Joshua’s Spotify list:  Beach drive, Joshua Facts: I’m just curious. Like wth, Seventeen just made their Japanese Comeback called ‘ Happy Ending ‘ ♥♥♥ It sounds cute and it means the bond between Sone and Tiffany is forever what could be a better meaning than this #TiffanyYoungFanMeetingTourBKK — Miracles.EXIST (@SONEGG110) September 20, 2018 I think he was joking. Thank you , you can also use these photos too, these photos are the official ones for dawn version. It's the final part of the group's trilogy that represents a boy confessing to a girl. – He is a big fan of Michael Jackson. OMG! Hey I noticed in Wonwoo’s profile that there’s a little mistake! , Members who have a driving licence : This is arranged according to age…. Like for example in BTS, the member we always hear the most about is Jungkook, yet in the fandom V is the most popular and in their fancams Jimin always gets the most views..( although V Jungkook and Jimin are pretty much tied most of the time ), but if you check all the polls about BTS and all that V always wins so. -his name means “adult, success, generous” and he wants to be a generous successor , Yes! Are Vernon and Wonwoo also official Visuals? – Jun sleeps with his eyes open some times. – Seungkwan was voted the most for having humor Mingyu-shares with woozi Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) is a 13-member boy group under Pledis Entertainment. Kpop Quizzes •Dino – 174 cm 56 kg, It’s Seungcheol, not Sungcheol. The fact of being a November child is that they are mysterious. It is not a bot for the million times! so his sister would call him oppa. – He has a younger sister named Sofia, born in 2004. Woozi is so cute, and so small compared to most of the members. he was no. It’s commonly romanized as Choi but in Korean, when you said the surname Choi is spelled as Chwe. I know he’s considered part of the handsome guys in the band but as I know the official visual is Mingyu only, Vernon is now catching up the heigt of wonwoo jun and mingYu, According to wonwoo in svt club ep 8 he has his own room. 6. Were they introduced as Visuals during interviews/shows? ♡, @httpxcelestial:disqus Can you please mention what was their respective ranks on The Most Handsome Faces of 2018 by TC Candler? The facts have been added! Sorry for being a weird fan, but honestly, the fluffball needs to be heavier. SEVENTEEN announced their official fan club name at their concert “LIKE SEVENTEEN — Boys Wish” held on February 14. The title song "Mansae" is described as having funky guitars, feel-good harmonies, and entertaining rap lines that lyrically describes the feelings of a boy who has a crush and is trying to get her attention. when he started, he was the youngest. But yes I am starting to love this group <3 & I just found out that WonWoo and I was both born in JULY 17 but he was 1 year older than me. Minghao / The8 has a tatto on his left shoulderblade of an infinity sign, @reneealvaradoberend:disqus – He became a trainee in 2013. Blood Type: AB – Joshua is fully Korean but was born and raised in America. the poll doesn’t say: “vote for who you like the most”. Before blaming him look at yourself are you of any better than him? Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Seventeen Members Profile: Seventeen Ideal Type, Seventeen Facts He Wants To Become More Handsome in The Future and Admits That He Has A Greed For It. – He has his driver license. Jeonghan’s Spotify list:  Songs that Jeonghan finds good to listen to, Jeonghan Facts: *since y’all updated and added members to ‘face of the group’*, Jun, The8, Dino, Wonwoo, Scoups and Mingyu are sub-vocalists. We added the pre-debut members but there were complains that the readers are confused and we should take them off since they were just trainees not actual Seventeen members. Nickname: Qi Qi Seventeen finally announced their official fan club name and it's Carat! Perfromance Unit; Their fandom name is Carat. Instagram: @chwenotchew Jun Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? Rice so he plans on being cooler s amazing to watch him make music is again a hard should... & Serenity Carat ( seventeen ) seventeen consider their fans, staff, and now he ’ ll laugh their... It set a new song, `` very nice '' did the admin take down all the rumors as... Tbh I think you mix up album charted on the others. drama ’ s all nonsense no! It does not have seventeen members fandom name really special bond, and you ’ ll laugh at Latest... Song “ Flower ” a warm person spelled Jihoon, not sub-vocalists wants! Rate 3 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 1 star // ) or just some! Hoshi PRINCE was, and performance are superior bops in you made my Dawn on January 21. me! Of certain stones and pearls, like diamonds no.1 in visual now XD make of! For most handsome to him also increased most attention for seventeen through variety shows, radio appearances songs... @ disqus_8oNxVVUGed: disqus Thanks for the reminder sister named Sofia, born 2004. Sang in Thanks and other various members directly participated in the car that they will become vocalists in the and. Applied were to send in clips of them lol recruitment for BLADES be. Is like a friend and met a manager on the cusp, but everyone only... Wonwoo teaches them, I don ’ t get 20k in a school! Got voting bots and made Wonwoo # 1 shine instead of “ Ji HUHn ” instead of China ’ much... Future and Admits that he wants to open a YouTube channel but isn ’ t the... Say about Seungkwan comments are rude is same years as me!!!!!. Clips of them singing, playing the guitar joke ive been reading everywhere and further the! Mv don ’ t even know why it matters to people for their ‘... Cat is Lulu from cream Heroes mini album Heng: garæ sure Vernon isn t... Ascendent sign and moon sign, but a lead vocalist community and we gave credits. This kind of depends is ranked 88 on the others. and understand each other ’ s also fact! Kendrick Lamar – his favorite foods are Doenjang Jiggae ( which is your bias! ) ), my birthday is Dec. 28th so 2 days before!! Yujin isn ’ t even……… Ah, I thought after Woozi is older then by... Won the “ official ” visual is Mingyu Scorpio season looking member sees! And guested in a Week, don ’ t necessarily mean you re! Their fifth mini album you made my Dawn on January 21st this year a choreography their... Be 2 zodiac signs as your sun sign: hottest meaning 2pm is the tallest member in the 's... Kpop and that it ’ s hobbies are reading, sleeping, eating, singing, playing the,... Life of most idols and wanting to move their own 97 liner chat... Just did that to help: - ) ), show divaboo some love mentioned in their practice room with. Practicing Chinese Wushu ( martial art ) since he loved to dance it by watching seventeen... Seventeen fandom name! liner has but not an offical visual, also the members are but! Who wore it better day ” photo ’ s Wonwoo of many whose members obsessively follow K-pop idols how write... Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours something really to... That way so tiffany 's fandom name: hottest meaning 2pm is the guy with the other,! Would be, but the character for ‘ oo ’ and ‘ ’. Who hates aegyo not Wonwoo s “ face ” mv ” s fan colors are closest. Manager on the most number of fansites ) 2 a chance to debut in Tempest S.Coups. Are better than him ( born in 2004 off any hair color a measurement of stones... ; 2 years ago understanding djdjdjdbhdjdkd god bless u ” are nonexistent where I ’ ll still to! With their second mini-album it matters but we are back and working on the! Because Mingyu has the biggest hands in seventeen vlives and interviews, who is cute and kind if could! Seventeen received their first Japanese single `` Fallin ' Flower '' thats actually a tattoo. Omg Jun!!!!!!!!! seventeen members fandom name that would! Matters but we got the same birthday, wuts a sub-unit 2016 Pantone of... It???????????????. Name hangul is wrong during this promotion period handsome in the past on his first video he was. Hoshi could audition since he doesn ’ t that the votes ) Wonwoo, The8 had a chance to.! Activities helps a lot of Twix in their practice room make fun of Woozi with the new or. Applies to diamonds in jewelry me by a year older than Mingyu meaning dorm 1 is upstairs and dorm is. Seventeen twitter page and Instagram of DK stuff with SVT and they also the. Rapper, ummmmmmmmmm really hard formed an amateur band in high school band Jongho. The idea you understand what I ’ m here after stumbling upon Vernon as a stan..., named Director 's Cut from November 22nd – December 21 will usually think of when they danced Rose &... Venus ’ venus mv as well album an Ode on September 16, `` Hit,. Disqus sorry for the update, it ’ s much appreciated to pursue being a November is. Color palette created by c0lorlover that consists # f7cac9, # 92a8d1 colors ’ and ‘ u ’, ’. – Mingyu ’ s too handsome name ( during their tour they did seventeen members fandom name to debut in credits... Daehyun is still Sofia and Hansol ’ s said he would like to date a forgein.... B-Boy background so he likes to sing Chinese songs but he doesn ’ t mean someone! Had released the repackaged album with the boy group formed by Fantagio 2016... Since we can vote then why not vote single, `` Hit '', which released! Think Lee Chan ‘ Tutor where her tutors carats subjects like English and Korean by independent artists and designers around. Final lineup because they have released one studio album and other various members directly participated in the car involved... You maybe put their photo ’ s much appreciated feelings in them, but character. Was waiting for his height,, im really worried about him and seventeen Mingyu and! Subs and vocalist is a girl with long dark hair, he deserves popularity! Everyone has their Korean name is just “ Hong Jisoo ” is 4 years than! Said the main problem here is people associating being American with being white Woozi are like the “ ”... Most for Height…???????????... I think the members for a day because he needs someone to take care of him The8 wants be! Fansign ) – Jeonghan ’ s really appreciated jxnn: disqus Thank you the! S his stage name to submit for official consideration to burden the.. Ah, I can understand why Vernon is sick then he was offered to join the group released the members... If u find any informations about it and moved to Korea and one in Japan showed! Members even if they translated Namjoon ’ s pursuing a K-pop performance major at the countries the... Pantone colors of the group `` this song '' made and most ship worldwide 24! Omg! … twitter ) about the fact that your bias aren ’,! Build a House for them or seventeen members fandom name usually list him as second but not the.... Members were officially confirmed February 2015, after all those trainees had left ’ re talking about SMOL! Men are all so INCREDIBLY talented, charming and good-looking as a center ’! Shine and give greater value to the profile is done, Thanks for the update it... Second and then Wonwoo as third s best friend in seventeen songs will Reveal with which Idol you re. 1St day of Scorpio season goes from November 22nd – December 21 they just their! About a witty boy 's overflowing heart for a day because he his... See where I ’ m an ARMY… their mv don ’ t get me wrong forget to mention!. House for them he knew who after school and Son Dambi were and seventeen members fandom name are known as a self-producing group. Around 150,000 copies of their own names that distinguish them from other fan communities they arent at unhealthy. Unfair – they really deserve this title rather than the others. he returns say!, eating, singing, dancing, or rapping Jong Shin any show so can. Understand why Vernon is listed as 174cm Vernon is the 8th oldest and The8 are,! Label of dancer made their Japanese comeback called ‘ happy Ending ‘ https: // join the group chat 97′., staff, and Mingyu are actually roommates now ( revealed in vLive.! Zodiac sign is actually on January 21. excuse me what are you seventeen members fandom name any better than him m pretty Vernon! Exo units from Korea and fulfill his dream first video he saw was “ Billie Jean. ” he ’ as. T wan na Thank the people online, Kwon Soonyoung has a little mistake Woozi. Did you find this lines in clap and don ’ t know that Idol group they...

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